About Us

Our Culture

At Raritan, we live each day guided by our company values and vision. Our culture is an innovative and collaborative environment, in which you feel like you are part of the end result, all while having fun!


Honesty and Integrity

Business is a balancing act between competing interests. We place honesty and integrity above all other interests, even if it means losing business.

Superior Customer Focus

We exist to serve our customers. We strive to delight our customers through innovative products and superior service.

Personal Commitment

We are confident, highly talented, and committed people. We enjoy work and love learning. We flourish through continuous improvement on a personal as well as company level.


We respect each other, and hold each other to high standards of performance and behavior. We credit others for successes and accept personal responsibility for mistakes. We grow together as a team and place the long-term interests of the team ahead of short-term self-interest.

Value Creation

We work hard to create value for our customers and shareholders, mindful that we also create value for the Raritan team at the same time.


Our Technologies Inspire Intelligent Use of Resources.

  1. We are FUN! We work hard at Raritan and we play hard. AND we have a “Fun Committee” to make sure of it! The Fun Committee hosts many events, mainly on a monthly basis. From charity events such as March of Dimes to company picnics, scavenger hunts, ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts and so on!
  2. We have good communication. Communication at Raritan is transparent. We have regularly scheduled quarterly employee webinars, where executives give us an update on our business. The information is told as is, whether it's good or bad! Employees ask questions at the end of the meetings and all questions are always answered, even the hard ones!
  3. At Raritan, there is a “small company” feel. You aren’t just a number here and your career is what you make of it, you can do anything you put your mind to and it doesn’t go un-noticed! The executives know you by name and you have the freedom to be creative.
  4. Little Politics. At Raritan, everyone gives everyone else credit and there aren’t big company politics to have to contend with.
  5. We have a corporate casual environment. Jeans are allowed every day of the week, there is a foose ball table in our lunchroom, and it wouldn’t be uncommon to celebrate a customer win with a last minute party!
  6. We encourage innovation and creativity. We have a lot of smart, forward thinking employees at Raritan. We encourage innovation informally and formally. Formally we have a program called “iPop”. With “iPop”, employees are able to work on a project of their choice for a percentage of their time.
  7. Work hard? Go above and beyond? We recognize it and employee recognition is part of our culture. We recognize employees informally with “spot” awards and formally at our quarterly meetings with “Silver Star Awards”.
  8. Mutual Respect. At Raritan we have a mutual respect for one another and it's part of our everyday lives.