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The development of an employee's knowledge, skills and abilities is something that Raritan takes seriously. To every employee, many opportunities and avenues of development are open within the framework of the employee's position and beyond. All employees are considered for open positions within the organization first, prior to sourcing external candidates.

Employees can take advantage of Tuition Reimbursement, Educational Seminars, and Professional Development courses and a Performance Management system that measures performance to create clear objectives for a future career path.

Tuition Reimbursement

Raritan encourages employees to continue their education after joining us. After six months of employment, employees are eligible to receive 50% of tuition costs, up to $2000 each year for coursework towards a degree program and towards subjects related to their jobs.

Educational Seminars & Professional Development

Employees are encouraged to attend training throughout the course of the year. Employees and their manager set training goals at the beginning of the year to ensure training needs are addressed and met.

Performance Management

Raritan evaluates employees on a bi-annual basis. Employees are reviewed in January for prior year performance. In addition, goal setting and training objectives are set forth for the upcoming year. A mid-year review is conducted to assess progress against goals and objectives as well as address any areas of improvement.

“Give Some, Take Some” Program

“Give Some, Take Some” is Raritan’s voluntary job sharing program, allowing employees to spend time in another department, learning another job function. This program is designed to help with career pathing and to gain more knowledge of Raritan in its entirety.