White Paper: BlockOps

Blockchain Infrastructure (BlockOps)

Getting Off to the Right Start

blockchain-infrastructure-blockops-whitepaper-coverBlockchain is a promising technology for many markets. With the decentralized network of trust that blockchain enables, large numbers of stakeholders can engage in secure data exchanges, financial transactions, and other multi-party business processes without depending on centralized clearinghouse authorities—which can add cost, friction, and a potential single point-of-failure to markets where agility and stakeholder sovereignty have become increasingly desirable.

These enticing new possibilities are leading companies in diverse markets from finance and healthcare to transportation, and consumer products to launch blockchain pilot initiatives.

But like all digital technology initiatives, blockchain isn’t just about software. It’s also about hardware. To pilot your blockchain introduction initiatives appropriately, you must provision your infrastructure resources to both support those initial pilots and lay the foundation to perform at scale if, and when those pilots lead to live, competitively critical production implementations.

That’s why, in addition to considering the business implications of your emerging blockchain trials, you also need to think about the implications of blockchain for your data center infrastructure.

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