SmartSensors — Obtain Critical Data to Extend the Health of Your Data Center


Our comprehensive set of SmartSensors monitors your data center’s environment to gain valuable insight into your operations and stay informed about environmental and security hazards that could impact your IT hardware. These sensors are easy to deploy and provide helpful information to maintain the performance and lifespan of your IT assets. Whether you're managing a colocation, micro data center, or a small server room’s white space, our SmartSensors are the perfect solution for efficient operation management.

The real-time alerts are a valuable feature of our sensors, which allows you to quickly identify and respond to potential hazards, minimizing the risk of downtime and other costly issues. Our sensors also make optimizing cooling and preventing hot spots easy, ensuring that your IT assets remain in top condition.

SmartSensors enable a seamless connection directly to your existing Xerus-enabled rack power managing devices — including PX Rack PDUs, Inline Meters, Rack Transfer Switches, and PXO Compact PDUs — or with a sensor management solution, such as the Smart Rack Controller, providing a faster, easier deployment with substantial cost savings. Have a worry-free deployment, knowing the sensors can easily retrofit your infrastructure. With the highest-level metering accuracy in its class, SmartSensors provides better insights for smarter, actionable decisions.

You can learn more about our complete range of sensor monitoring solutions to help maintain uptime here.

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The Benefits of SmartSensors:

  • Easy plug-and-play deployment with scalable sensor technology
  • Improve uptime and remediate critical risks by receiving real-time alerts of potential threats in your environment before they cause an issue
  • Monitor airflow and air pressure to and from racks to prevent hot spots and bypass airflow
  • Save on cooling by confidently raising data center temperatures
  • Stay alerted 24/7 of service-impacting conditions in onsite, remote, and lights-out facilities
  • Scale newly implemented devices under a single reliable technology platform
  • Make smarter rack management decisions based on factual environmental insights
  • Suitable for multiple applications, including data centers, labs, facilities, network/compute closets, or remote locations like colocation, POP, and telecommunication sites

Highly Accurate Environment Monitoring

SmartSensors are designed with the latest, most advanced metering components to prolong their lifespan, improve reliability, and ensure they run efficiently.

Dual RJ45 Connectors

Dual RJ45 connectors simplify the installation and servicing of sensor packages without rewiring the rack or daisy chain, saving time and maintenance costs.

Easy to Deploy within Existing IT Infrastructures

SmartSensors are plug-and-play ready with a Xerus-enabled Raritan rack power managing device, making them incredibly easy to install and deploy without disrupting operations.

Support for Customizable Configuration with Single Bus/String Technology

Ensure comprehensive measurement and monitoring by cascading different types of SmartSensors in a single bus/string structure with Cat5/6 cables through a Xerus-enabled rack power managing device’s Sensor port.

Popular Data Center Sensors


*This is for illustration only and is not an actual deployment recommendation.


The DX2-T1 can be placed at the front or rear of the rack to monitor cool air entering and/or hot air being expelled to ensure proper containment.1

temperature and humidity

With the DX2-T3H1, string together three sensor packages to easily mount at the bottom, middle, and top of the cool air inlet side as per ASHRAE2 guidelines.


The DX2-VBR detects shock and vibration over a wide range of frequencies.


The DX2-PS monitors indoor dust/particle density levels.


The Water/Leak Floor series (DX2-WSF) detects the water's presence. The Water/Leak Rope series (DX2-WSC) also detects the presence of water and marks the specific location of a leak.

contact closure

The DX2-CC2 detects the open-and-close and on/off status of connected third-party door position and door lock detectors/switches.


The DX2-AF1 monitors airflow circulation, such as under a raised floor or just above the perforated tiles.


The DX2-PIR detects motion around a cabinet and is often used in conjunction with a Webcam event.


The DX2-T1DP1 monitors differential air pressure above and below a raised floor, or between hot and cold aisles to prevent thermal leaks.

See our complete sensor offering, including environmental and security sensors.

1. Additional temperature and humidity sensor options are available.

2. ASHRAE suggests measuring the temperature entering IT equipment near the bottom, middle, and top of each IT rack and in at least one position at the back of the cabinet.

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