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Customized Rack Power Distribution Solutions for Data Centers

As we started deploying Raritan PDUs within the world’s largest data centers, we quickly learned that every data center has unique requirements. That is why we developed a best-of-breed custom engineering model which allows our customers to find the appropriate rack power distribution solution to match any requirement in any data center environment.

You can architect Raritan Rack PDUs to meet your specific needs by leveraging the breadth of existing PDU models and our customized Advanced Engineering program. Our dedicated team of power experts will guide you through defining your requirements to find the perfect solution to power up your racks, solve challenges, and increase the value of your operation.


Raritan offers Built to Order and Advanced Custom Engineering to help meet the needs of our customers. See the various options available to you from our program:


Built to Order

Raritan offers more than 700 PDU Models that are listed in our catalog. Select your PDU from the most extensive of PDU feature options, and we will build your PDU to order.
Select your PDU here.

Custom  Engineered

Advanced Custom Engineering

When your application or idea demands a genuinely unique solution, our team will define, design, and manufacture the perfect fit for your data center. This program ranges from simple modifications to catalog models to engineering new and uncharted product applications! The PDU customization options offered by Raritan include:

  • PDU Color (full-color chassis, colored labels)
  • Line Cord Type
  • Line Cord Length
  • Line Cord Entry Location
  • Outlets
  • Plug Options
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • High kAIC or Fuse Options
  • Form Factor & Dimensions

Our team will handle all aspects of development certification and production. Let us know about your unique needs.


Here you will find three examples of successful Raritan Advanced Engineering solutions, from the simpler custom configurations to the more complex designs driven by customer requirements:


Company: Disney
Challenge: Increase efficiency of the field technician team
Solution: Differentiate power feeds

Disney was experiencing frequent downtime due to human error in the field, mainly due to the inability to differentiate the power feeds in the racks, resulting in plugging in the wrong devices. Raritan Advanced Engineering solved this recurring issue by providing a full-color, thermo-painted chassis to visually differentiate A and B feeds. This solution is now available as a customizable option.


Other unique customization possibilities include input cable length, input cable orientation (top/busway feed, front, end-feed, or floor/bottom), and input plug type. Innovative mounting options also exist to fit your PDU chassis inside your racks perfectly.

In our eBook: The Top Reasons to Use Color-Coded Rack PDUs.


Companies: Seagate, Ericsson.
Challenge: Standardize the PDU functionalities and design internationally
Solution: Redesign existing PDUs to accommodate standards

More often than not, leading companies like Seagate or Ericsson are implementing standardization protocols across worldwide data center footprints. To be efficient and deploy new projects effectively, it was key for these companies to possess a unique PDU architecture to be implemented and certified to work in North America and Europe, passing through a single source of test and procurement before being deployed in the field.

Raritan Advanced Engineering was here to listen and provide the perfect solution. Our engineers gathered the power requirements to match these data centers' common needs. They provided a new PDU design based on existing PDU architecture that accommodated European and North American voltage standards. Raritan Advanced Engineering developed these models based on L6-30 Plug and IEC60309, 60A 3PY 208V, and ensured certification approval with both UL and EU agencies.

Speak to an expert to learn how Raritan solutions can meet your needs.


Company: eBay
Challenge: Double compute and cut power costs
Solution: New 400V Three-Phase, 55kVA PX PDUs

With multiple blade servers deployed in specific cabinets, eBay wanted any given rack capable of provisioning loads up to 55 kVA. While this was difficult to achieve with traditional 208V distribution, Raritan Advanced Engineering designed a solution to allow significant cost efficiencies by extending higher voltage distribution to each cabinet. By supplying 400V power to each rack, eBay minimized step-down transformation and line transmission loss while simultaneously reducing copper utilization.

Discover how eBay optimized their mission-critical data center energy usage with Raritan Rack PDUs.


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