Dominion® KX IV-101

Dominion® KX IV-101

4K KVM-over-IP Switch
Single-Port Ultra Performance Solution


The Dominion® KX IV-101 (DKX4-101), Raritan’s highest performing KVM-over-IP switch, provides a new level of Ultra HD 4K performance for remote access and management. More powerful and flexible than any other KVM-over-IP solution, it supports higher video resolutions, faster frame rates, higher video quality, and substantially faster virtual media. Manage up to 8 serial devices with optional DSAM modules. New fanless operation with no moving parts — silent operation with enhanced reliability and longer life.

The KX IV-101 supports unblocked, Java-free, BIOS-level remote access of a single server, PC or workstation over LAN, WAN or even the Internet. A native HDMI® device, the KX IV-101 has available cables/adapters for VGA, DVI, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C. It provides users the most flexibility with access remote computers via User Station, laptop, PC or smartphone. The KX IV-101 supports many of the popular Dominion features such as virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, LDAP/Radius/AD authentication, AES encryption, support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions, and much, much more.

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Dominion® KX IV-101

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Integration with KX IV User Station

For the highest performance for broadcast, control rooms, and studios, connect with the new Dominion KX IV User Station.

Integration with CommandCenter

With CommandCenter centralized management, customers can access hundreds or even thousands of computer devices spread over multiple locations. The KX IV-101 can be used standalone, with Dominion Users Stations and/or integrated with CommandCenter.


Ultra High Performance 4K and 1080p

The Dominion KX IV-101 supports access to servers with 4K video resolution (3840x2160), up to 30 frames per second with the new KX IV User Station. It also supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 at up to 60 frames per second with high quality 4:4:4 color for high quality images and video.

Flexible, Multi-Purpose, IP-Based

The KX IV-101 has user-configurable bandwidth to operate over LAN, WAN, and even the Internet for emergency out-of-hours IT support. As a flexible IP solution, it is accessible via User Station, Laptop, PC, and smartphone supporting users, managers, engineers, and IT. Java-free KVM access is available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Dominion Features and Compatibility

The KX IV-101 supports many of the popular Dominion features such as: BIOS-level access, virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, LDAP/Radius/AD authentication, AES encryption, and support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions. Utilize the KX IV-101 with the other Dominion products, KX III or IV User Stations. Native support for HDMI®, with optional adapters for VGA, DVI, Mini DisplayPort and USB-C.

Integrated KVM Solution

The KX IV-101 scales with Raritan’s CommandCenter management system, allowing multiple users to access multiple KX IV-101 and KX III switches, in single or multiple locations, across the country or even the world. CommandCenter integrates with the KX User Stations, Dominion products, as well as popular IT solutions such as VNC, RDP and SSH.

Additional Features

High Performance KX IV User Station

A new, more powerful KX IV User Station supports 1 to 3 monitors with 4K and high performance 1080p applications.

Integrated KX IV-101 Power Control

The KX IV-101 has input/output control to power on/off computers or other devices, without a switched PDU.

Java-Free, KVM-Over-IP Access

The KX IV-101 has a new, all-digital architecture for ultra fast video performance and high video quality.

Smartphone Configuration with App

Download the Raritan KVM App from the Apple App Store, connect to the KX IV-101 with your iPhone/iPad to install and configure it.

Over 15X Faster Virtual Media

The Dominion KX IV-101 supports substantially faster virtual media speeds, up to 15 times faster than our previous generation.

Native HDMI® + VGA, DVI, DP, mDP & USB-C

The KX IV-101 is a native HDMI® device, with available cables/adapters for VGA, DVI, DP, mDP and USB-C.

Flexible with Unblocked IP Access

The KX IV-101 connects to a single server, without the possibility of blocking. It is perfect for colo’s, remote offices, facilities and edge applications.

PC-Share with 8-User Access

Via the PC-Share feature, multiple users can simultaneously access the server connected to the KX IV-101.

Serial Access with DSAM

With the new Dominion Serial Access Modules(DSAM), users can connect to up to 8 serial devices with Java-free, serial access.

Silent Fanless Operation

Silent operation with no moving parts for broadcast, A/V and media. Increased reliability and longer life.

KX IV-101 Topology Diagram



broadcast-media-network-kvm-radio-icon Broadcast
broadcast-media-network-kvm-tv-icon Control
broadcast-media-network-kvm-post-production-icon R&D
broadcast-media-network-kvm-streaming-media-icon Government & Military
broadcast-media-network-kvm-control-room Remote
broadcast-media-network-kvm-stadium-media-icon Manufacturing

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