Why Choose an Intelligent PDU

Power distribution is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a rack PDU; they can offer much more with capabilities like multi-level power metering, environmental monitoring, support of higher power densities, power capacity planning, flexible deployment options, and advanced security.

Utilizing these capabilities, data center managers can be confident that their data center will stay up and running.

Power Monitoring and Metering

Intelligent PDUs offer Rack- Level Power Metering at Multiple Levels

Intelligent PDUs offer multiple metering points at the circuit breaker, inlet, and outlet level. They allow users to monitor power consumption of the entire PDU, a specific circuit breaker, or each individual outlet.

Multiple metering points allow monitoring power at the most granular level, providing more data points, which deliver a clear picture of your white space power consumption.

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Environmental Monitoring

The Combination of PDUs and Sensors Can Help Maintain Your Environment

Raritan offers a variety of plug-and-play sensors that include temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, water leaks, proximity, vibration, and contact closure.

By connecting the sensors into a rack PDU, you can monitor the environment around your mission critical IT assets. To maintain a safe and optimized environment, you can set thresholds and configure alerts to be aware of what is happening in your data center, even when you are not there.

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Three Phase Power

More Available Power Equals More Servers

High voltage three-phase power rack PDUs can provide higher capacity and density into a single rack, giving users more actionable power and creating the most efficient IT infrastructure. With limited space in data centers, three-phase PDUs can be useful by reducing wiring, copper, and weight, delivering a smaller footprint.

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Multiple Options for Deployment and Configuration

Gone are the days of manual, one PDU at a time updates, and the need to have feet on the ground to configure the PDUs. You don’t even have to physically be in the data center, you can simply sit at your desk and deploy scripts over DHCP/TFTP/SFTP. Or, if you prefer, you can use USB sticks to mass configure hundreds of PDUs.

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Power Capacity Planning

Identify Power Consumption at the Cabinet to Help Plan for Future Growth

By leveraging outlet level power management capabilities, users can quickly identify ghost servers and stranded capacity across the data center. Given data centers have a fixed amount of power and network resources, it’s crucial to be able to maximize them. This allows for smarter and more informed decisions about how to outfit your rack properly.

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Extend the Security of Your Assets with a Variety of PDU Features

Intelligent PDUs with configurable firewalls, passwords, and customized SSL certificates can serve as a launching pad for extended functionality that can help protect your most important resource – data.

From combating internal threats with webcams and intelligent door looks, outside forces with firewalls, and human error with asset management tags/sensors and SecureLock™ power cords – keeping the data center secure is one of the most critical areas for all businesses.

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The True Power of an Intelligent PDU

Taking control of the rack power infrastructure in your data center is the first step in understanding overall efficiency and potential threats that may have serious consequences upstream. Raritan’s intelligent PDUs can help you manage your power chain with capabilities that go far beyond power distribution.

If you are interested in learning more about other problem-solving capacities of an intelligent PDU, start exploring below: