The All-New iX Controller

Breaking Boundaries in Hardware & Intelligence

Introducing the all-new iX™ Controller, the most powerful, reliable, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use controller platform. The iX Controller is the center of intelligence on select Raritan rack power distribution products―first available on the all-new intelligent PX4 Rack PDU―that houses the device’s computing, display, and connectivity ports. The iX is for managing infrastructure and IT workflows.

Advanced Data Collection

The controller is the central collection point for all rack power data and external instrumentation readings. Using the iX’s enhanced data retrieval buffer and upgraded data storage capacity allows for more data than ever to be collected. Now get advanced rack-based power quality measurements directly in the web GUI―including Neutral Voltage, Total Harmonic Distortion, and Voltage Dips and Swells measurements―then distribute the collected measurements to DCIM, BMS, or other tools for managing infrastructure and IT workflows to monitor the quality of your rack power in real-time.

Seamlessly reduce the use of multiple monitoring systems by using the iX’s Xerus-based enterprise network standards, including SNMP, MODBUS, and open REST-based JSON APIs including a Redfish® API, enabling wherever-you-go monitoring and visibility into your data center’s operations.

Flexible Connectivity & Unmatched Redundancy

The iX Controller’s advanced intelligence allows you to securely connect to your network and provide redundancy so that you never lose sight of rack power conditions down to the most granular level. It enables flexible ethernet cascading to reduce the number of switch ports while providing backup power and secure communication to connected devices all through a simple one-cable connection.

Seamless Scaling and Instrumentation

Not just for rack power data collection, each iX Controller provides the hardware capability of environmental monitoring, asset management, and physical access control systems in one device. This simplifies the setup of the white space, allowing you to scale your instrumentation over time or fully instrument using one management controller versus multiple disparate systems.

Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Instrument

The iX’s intuitive design places its local display and multiple connectivity ports in an easily accessible location in the rack. Its auto-flip display ensures you have the right components in the right place, regardless of orientation.

  1. Control Buttons navigate the LCD’s menu options locally.
  2. Multi-Color LCD provides an easy-to-read screen, including information on power usage, outlet status, and critical alerts.
  3. Reset is a recessed button that restarts the device's firmware without interrupting power or affecting outlet status.
  4. Dual Network Gigabit 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports enable connectivity to network infrastructure. Physically cascade or daisy chain 32 PDUs under one ethernet port using the bridging mode or save IP addresses using a single IP address with port forwarding. For more efficient management and control of your devices, use the Link feature for logical connectivity of up to 8 PDUs.
  1. Dual USB-A Ports enable simultaneous connectivity to mobile interfaces, rapid configurations, mass firmware updates, and serial console access.
  2. USB-B Port generates diagnostic logs.
  3. PDU Link Port allows the physical linking of 2 PDUs where the Primary unit has the power information from the Link unit. Ensures redundant power for the main Controller for both units, even if the Primary unit loses power.
  4. Sensor Port supports the plug-and-play deployment of Legrand® SmartSensors™, the SmartLock™ System, and Asset Management sensors.


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