White Paper: SmartLock System

Rack-Level Security and Compliance

Five Ways to Fulfill Tougher Requirements with Limited Resources

rack-level-security-compliance-coverAt one time, it was sufficient to merely regulate access to the data center’s entry points. If you could ensure that no unauthorized person had access to your sensitive digital infrastructure – and if you could prove those reasonable measures to auditors – you would be OK. Times have changed. Escalating regulatory requirements across industries now require sensitive systems and data to be subject to specific protections. You must now track and monitor each person’s access to specific sensitive systems and ensure they are properly authorized for a particular area. It’s no longer enough to ensure that only authorized staff enters the data center. And you must be able to provide an extensive audit trail regarding who touched those systems when — and what they did each time. This white paper outlines how you can accomplish this with limited resources.

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