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Most Reliable
Easiest to Use
Future Proof

  • 1.5 Billion Hours of Power Distribution Unit Runtime
  • Trusted by the Top 10 Fortune 500 Technology Companies
  • 30 Years of Data Center Expertise
  • Over 200 New Custom Designs Developed Per Year
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Raritan’s power intelligence capabilities at the device level provide important insights on how to improve energy efficiency in data centers and other locations.

Jeff Reed, SVP and GM of Cloud and Network Security, Cisco

Most Reliable

Rock Solid Uptime,
No Compromises.

From the ground up, PX Intelligent PDUs are architected with components, features, and failsafes that ensure the most reliable infrastructure possible, both now and for years to come.

Built-In Failover Power

Advanced Alerting and Intelligence

Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming

Built-in Failover Power

Even if one power feed fails, both PDUs in the cabinet maintain network connectivity, and continue monitoring and alerting using the built-in power share capability of our iX7 Controller.

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Advanced Alerting and Intelligence

Billing-grade accurate monitoring of user defined thresholds ensure that potential failures are identified far in advance. Real-time alarms notify you of potential risk conditions in the power chain.

Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming

Immediately identify faulty power supplies and react to tripped breakers that would otherwise go undetected by building management systems, branch circuit monitoring, or other basic PDU brands.

Bi-Stable Latching Relays

Employing the most reliable components available, PX Intelligent PDUs with outlet switching (rack switched PDU) consume less energy, protect against inrush currents, and hold the critical power load even in the event of catastrophic failure.


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Built to Last

Prevent Outages Before They Occur

PX Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units help eliminate human error and can withstand the harshest environments. With monitoring features that spot problems in advance and physical design elements that adapt to the toughest conditions, our rack power solutions protect your critical load under any circumstances.

Rugged Mechanical Design

Full Color Rack PDU Chassis

Field-Replaceable Controller

Redundant Network Connections


Rugged Structural Design

  • Premium input cable glands provide stronger and more durable strain relief than the more common low-cost clamping mechanisms.
  • Solid chassis sides, free of perforations or ventilation holes, protect internal conductors from particulate matter that eventually causes short circuits; all while safely dissipating heat.
  • Shallow footprint provides better rack accessibility, enhanced airflow, and easier physical mounting.
  • Built to withstand the highest ambient operating temperatures (60°C/140°F), safe operation is achieved in even the densest cabinets under full, sustained loads.
  • Outlet wiring that alternates between phases facilitates simple cord dressing and more efficient load balancing.

Outlet-Level Power Monitoring

Detect hidden problems in your power chain, test for true redundancy, and implement more efficient load balancing with detailed measurements from each server’s power supply.

Full Color Rack PDU Chassis

Easily identify the power source for every AC connection by color-coding your Intelligent PDU. Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by eliminating human error with full-colored, powder coated chassis – not just a small colored sticker.


Intelligent Field-Replaceable Controller

With a fully hot-swappable onboard controller, PX Intelligent PDUs ensure that servers will never experience downtime when infrastructure repairs are required.

Redundant Network Connections

A modern Gigabit Ethernet port, backed up by a second network connection port, ensures monitoring reliability and allows insight to be shared with building management and IT even if they are on two separate networks.


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Easiest to Use

Simple to Deploy,
Simple to Use.

Thoughtful design pays extraordinary dividends. Engineered with electricians, infrastructure managers, and IT experts in mind, PX Intelligent PDUs offer a simple user experience for seamless physical deployment, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and power delivery.

Color Matrix LCD Display

Sleek and Intuitive User Interface

Zero Touch Deployment

Network Cascading and Built-In Wireless

Rich, Color Matrix LCD Display

Far better than plain ammeters, PX Intelligent PDUs simplify commissioning by displaying every voltage, amperage, and energy reading; every alarm; and every configuration setting in a beautiful, high-resolution onboard display. Easy to use local control buttons allow for onsite menu navigation.


Sleek and Intuitive User Interface

Interact remotely and in real-time with PX Intelligent PDUs using a single easy-to-use interface that is identical whether viewed on a web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

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Zero-Touch Deployment

Easily configure hundreds or thousands of individual PX Intelligent PDUs with a multitude of mass configuration options. Methods range from the simple use of standard USB flash drives to sophisticated network-based tools: TFTP, PXE over DHCP, JSON-RPC, and others.

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Network Cascading and Built-in Wireless

Dramatically reduce the number of Ethernet ports required for deployment by cascading a single network connection across multiple Intelligent PDUs, or by going completely wireless with a Raritan Wi-Fi adapter.

Decision-making Made Easy

Examine your facility’s energy utilization, hotspots, and PUE in real-time with the insightful yet intuitive integration with Sunbird's® PowerIQ® management interface. Balance heat and power loads, identify stranded capacity, and plan more effectively for future expansion with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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Infrastructure That Will
Never Be Obsolete.

Rack power distribution unit hardware will remain in place through multiple technology refresh cycles, often for a decade or more. PX Intelligent PDUs support both your current and future growth demands with the most advanced technology and highest power densities available in the market.

High Power

Multiple Connectivity Options


Extensive DCIM Interoperability

High Power Densities

57.5 kVA
208V 3θ
415V 3θ

Raritan provides the industry’s widest range of designs above 10kW, including rack PDUs rated up to 68kW, allowing you to design enough headroom for both today and tomorrow’s most demanding compute densities.

Gigabit Ethernet

The Raritan iX7 Controller provides a standard gigabit Ethernet for seamless connectivity to modern switching infrastructure in anticipation of future networking topologies.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Compatible with a vast and expanding ecosystem of environmental sensors, PX Intelligent PDUs allow airflow, differential air pressure, temperature, humidity, water/fluid leaks, door lock security, and camera monitoring to be both simple and economical.

Extensive DCIM Interoperability

Built on the Raritan Xerus™ Technology Platform, PX Intelligent PDUs provide an open API that interoperates with any DCIM or BMS software.


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