Catalogs & Brochures

Federal Data Center Solutions Brochure

In our federal data center solutions brochure, we highlight our latest generation of intelligent rack power distribution, rack management, KVM, and serial solutions for Federal Government data centers, server rooms, and telecommunications closets.

Remote Access and Control Solutions Catalog

Our KVM and Serial solutions catalog provides the latest information on Raritan’s remote access and control products. This catalog goes into detail about our wide range of remote access devices along with their major benefits. You can also find information on Raritan’s full product line ranging from KVM Switches, Serial Servers, to Server Management and Security products.

Power Distribution Catalog — North America 2018

Raritan, a brand of Legrand, a global leader in intelligent rack solutions, presents their power distribution catalog which highlights the latest generation of our PDU, the PX series. It takes an in-depth look at the specific features, the different types of models of the PX as well as other Raritan power products.

Integrated Data Center Solutions Brochure

Raritan offers the most advanced technology solutions to help you manage, maintain and operate your critical IT equipment to its maximum potential: From power management and remote server access products, to Legrand’s connectivity and physical infrastructure solutions